Our Approach

We help companies develop marketing foundations and execution strategies. Our clients include multiple industries. We craft custom lead campaigns for real estate agencies; insurance agencies; construction companies; auto dealerships; restaurants; solar companies and many others. If your company needs marketing assistance or lead generation, just connect with us. We’re happy to discuss our services with you and find out if we are a good fit.

When your compass points to true north, you know you’ve found your way!

Our Story

The simple point of having an online presence is to ensure you maximize visibility, and create an online reputation that can be seen by your customers. For this to be possible, there is one basic rule of thumb: provide your customers with enough quality content to engage them and keep them talking about your business.
The foundation of any good content marketing strategy is that it must initiate and maintain a two-way conversation. You don’t want your content to only be shareable and a kind of one hit wonder; it should trigger a cascade of discussions
and encourage people to follow your site or the comments. This in turn ensures they keep coming back.

Meet the Team

Linda image

Linda Wilson-Gordon

Co-Founder CEO & Marketing Director

With over 30 years in marketing and direct sales experience in both the Insurance industry and in high tech, Linda draws on a wealth of both personal experience as well as the knowledge and experience of an extensive network of business and personal contacts. She began as a personal producer and a Financial Planner. Linda migrated to a wholesaling position after about 6 years and recruited and trained agents across the country. She still works with agents and agencies across the country to provide coaching and training and of course leads. Need to get something done? Linda is the go-to person. Her creative abilities as well as her attention to detail make her a valuable member of the NSMG team.

NSMG_Mark photo

Mark Gordon

Network Specialist

Mark is in charge of setting up, managing, and troubleshooting the technology systems that NSMG uses to maintain computer and software networks. His duties include responding to hardware problems, updating system software, and tracking the data and communications used on our network, and other functions to pursue the company’s aggressive growth strategy and meet its clients’ expectations. Mark comes to NSMG with over 26 years of business and financial management experience.