Profit Recovery

Retrieve the money you overpaid!

Attention business owners: The research and development tax credit is available for any company that spends time and resources improving the way their business is run.

Thousands of companies across multiple industries have taken advantage of the credit to improve cash flow. But most of the money goes to some of the largest companies in the country while the small business owner sits on the sideline. Good news, we are here to help you get in the game. Call us for a free report to see if your company qualifies.

Our national team will work with you on recovering monies that you have already paid. How fast would you like your money? Yes, it is a 3-year look back, and moving forward you do not have to continue to miss out on what you deserve to be getting.

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4 Reasons Companies are not taking advantage of the current version of this credit:
  • They don’t understand the IRS definition of R&D
  • They believe their companies are too small
  • They believe the benefit won’t outweigh the work
  • They believe they have to change the way they operate in order to qualify