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| A Concierge Service Option for your CPA Practice |

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  • Would you like to Increase your practice income without adding additional clients?

  • Would you like more time with your family, not your work? We can help!

  • We can help outsource some of your workloads and gain quality personal free time. What do you NOT like to do?

  • We can help you retain existing clients and capture profitable referrals.

  • Do you still have clients who pay a lot in tax in spite of your best work? (finding deductions)

  • Would you be open to discovering new best principles and practices while utilizing established concepts that your peers never learned or applied?

We at CPA Services Co. LLC, are reaching out to you because we feel that we could be an incredible benefit to your accounting practice. At CPA Services Co. LLC, we know you are always looking for additional tools to assist your client’s growing needs. We can work in conjunction with your business to additionally benefit your business by providing the best tax services possible.



Our mission is to assist small and medium-sized businesses in attaining their share of the billions in tax credits, rebates, and incentives from federal and state governments. Small and medium-sized businesses have historically shaped America’s economic landscape. We’re committed to helping every one of the 30 million+ businesses in the US that we can reach get back what they’re owed so they can keep pushing us forward as innovators and job creators.


CPA Services Co. LLC's specific expertise is with an amazing team of tax attorneys and other CPAs who are high-level experts in tax code, compliance, and R&D and ERC refunds. We are here ready to help you deliver additional resources for your client's needs to provide them the most out of their tax incentives. Our trusted service can help you gain an additional source of income with a percentage of your client’s rebate going directly back to your practice. Through our strategic partner, CPA Services Co, LLC provides each of your clients with specialists who are experts in the tax credit space, while delivering quality and access to cash rebates, refunds, and tax credits from underutilized federal and state programs is a win for all across the board.


  1. Client Retention

  2. No upfront fees or costs

  3. Additional Income to your business

  4. Providing the best resources available for your clients

  5. Our strategic partner has helped over 8,000 businesses and their accounting firms claim more than $1.2 Billion in tax rebates in 2022 alone