Engineering-based Cost Segregation

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Accelerated depreciation & repair regulations for U.S. tax applications.

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Providing engineering-based cost segregation studies for U.S. properties.


Cost Segregation is an application by which commercial property owners can accelerate depreciation and reduce the amount of taxes owed. These savings generates substantial cash flow that owners often use to reinvest in the business, purchase more property, apply to their principal payment, or spend on themselves.

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North Star Maketing Group Inc. (NSMG), an experienced and qualified company, performs the engineering-based cost segregation study on your property. The study accelerates the depreciation of your building/renovation components into shorter depreciation categories such as 5-, 7-, and 15-year rather than conventional 27.5- and 39.5-year schedules. Five- and 7-year items might include decorative building elements, electrical for dedicated computer equipment, and carpet.

Fifteen-year items might include site utilities, landscaping, and paving. This engineering-based cost segregation study results in a much higher depreciation expense and significantly reduced taxable income for the property owner. Best of all, the ruling states that cost segregation can be applied to categories of buildings purchased or built since 1986, including renovations, and there is no need to amend your tax returns.

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