Business Lead Generation

There's a proverbial gold rush happening today, of people launching businesses. For some entrepreneurs who lack the automation for their sales and marketing efforts to reach the customers and clients that are needed to properly grow and scale in today's market, we can provide the critical leads or tools and training.

According to a recent Forbes magazine article, 58% of business owners indicated that lead generation is a key challenge that they face. Over 40% describe their business’ current sales and marketing efforts as “outdated,” with 59% of businesses relying on spreadsheets to track how they are marketing to leads and 33% relying on cold calling to sell to leads. Essentially, a reliance on traditional sales methods such as cold calling, buying data and using spreadsheets is preventing businesses from winning new customers, the research suggests.

This is where we come in. Our automated systems can assist almost any size business in finding leads or driving traffic. This system has been proven over a nearly 12 year period of time, and with a number of different industries. We create campaigns for Insurance Agencies; Mortgage Brokers; Solar Installers; Automobile Dealerships; HVAC Companies; Real Estate Agencies; Home Security; Credit Repair and more.

We don't have a "one size fits all" approach. We custom-craft each campaign to suit your needs. Connect with us! We can help.